What Are Keto Cereals, and Are They Any Good?

Cereal is a staple breakfast food. But if you’re watching your carb intake (or maybe even trying out the ketogenic diet), cereal has probably become an off-limits breakfast food. But since the food industry is constantly adapting to the latest trends, there are now tons of low-carb, or “keto” cereals on the market, as well […]

Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with Colombian Cuisine

If hopping on a plane to Colombia is not in the plan this month, guess what? You can visit a local restaurant in your area or make a traditional Colombian recipe at home to celebrate National Latinx Heritage Month with some delicious authentic Colombian food. There’s lots to explore and love about this diverse South […]

The 6 Best Online Sex Therapy Services To Try In 2022

At its most distilled, sex therapy is a form of talk therapy. What sets sex therapy apart from other forms of talk is that during sex therapy people talk specifically about the ways that their sex, sexuality, gender, sexual trauma, sexual behaviors, and kinks are informed by and can impact their romantic, sexual, familial, and […]

111: Why diets don’t work with Lisa Moskovitz, RD

Hi friends! Happy Thursday! I have a new podcast episode and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this one. Today, I’m chatting with Lisa Moskovitz, RD, all about quieting the diet noise and why diets don’t work. Here’s what we talk about on today’s episode: How to quiet the diet noise: how become a […]

Should You Eat More Often for a Better Metabolism?

Can you trust your hunger or should you schedule your meals? You may have heard that eating 6 small meals per day will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Or maybe the exact opposite – that fasting is great for weight loss.   There is a lot of confusion about meal frequency in […]

60 Years in the Saddle – BionicOldGuy

The title of this book caught my eye because I’ve been riding bikes for a little over 60 years if you go back to my first 20″ kid’s bike. But Bill Logan’s 60 years included many years of performing well at both road and track racing, going back to the old days of cycling in […]

What’s the Difference Between Mobility and Flexibility?

You know every good workout routine requires a healthy combination of cardio, strength training, and when you’re feeling extra, some high-intensity interval training. But if you perform exercises from any of these types of workouts using faulty movement patterns and improper form, injury is going to result. The antidote: mobility. What Is Mobility? “Mobility is the ability of a […]

The Benefits of Barre Workouts

Barre exercises are one of the hottest fitness trends around. But they’re hardly new. These low-impact, total body workouts were developed more than 70 years ago by ballet dancer Lotte Berk to rehab her injured back. And they’re still going strong today. Why is barre all the rage? “Barre workouts are great for everyone at […]