Simple Meditation Instruction – BionicOldGuy

The American Heart Association published a simple introduction to lovingkindness meditation, shown in this infographic: I had discussed this form of meditation previously here (search for “lovingkindness” in that post). It is simple and effective, and many people find it pleasant. Two things stand out to me in the graphic, steps 1 and 4. […]

13 Comfortable, Breathable Open-Back Workout Tops

Need to refresh your workout wardrobe with the warmer seasons approaching? As the temps rise, open-back workout tops can give you the airflow you need to stay comfy and fresh — even when you’re working up a serious sweat. The cute options below have plenty of coverage, but the stylish cutouts will keep you cool […]

How to Make Money as a Health Coach—Earn by Helping Others

With the growing awareness and appreciation of embracing a healthier lifestyle, the demand for health coaches has skyrocketed. According to Precedence Research, the global health coaching industry is projected to hit nearly $26 billion by 2030. It’s safe to say, this fast-growing industry has opened up a new world of money-making opportunities for health coaches. […]

Hormone Balance Supplements: 6 Ingredients For Healthy Levels

Healthy vitamin D levels are critical for optimized hormonal balance, reproductive health, fertility outcomes, and even sexual satisfaction.  One study from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that women with sufficient vitamin D status [i.e., a 25(OH)D level of 30 ng/ml or higher] had a higher likelihood of becoming pregnant1 than those with […]

May Amazon Finds – The Fitnessista

Sharing some of the good stuff we’ve found lately on Amazon. I always love to hear about new things you’re loving, too, so please shout out in the comments below! Hi hi! How are you?? I hope you’re having a great morning so far! I have to get some things ready for a photo shoot […]

The Green Hills Are Turning… – BionicOldGuy

Around this time of year, our green hills turn golden. It happens sometime in May about a month after the last rain. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we’ve had a dry rainy season or a wet one like this year. It’s still pretty during the transition which takes a couple of weeks. After that, […]

6 Effects Stress Can Have on Your Skin

Your diet, sleep habits, and skincare routine aren’t the only factors that can affect your skin. Stress can also play a role in your skin’s health and appearance. With too much stress, red dots on skin can appear, as can wrinkles. For more insight into preventing stress-related skin problems, we spoke with two dermatologists about the […]