The 10 Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers Of 2023, Medically Reviewed

Similar to Tencel, viscose is derived from the wood pulp of fast-growing regenerative trees (like bamboo, in this case). However, bamboo sheets arguably win the battle of eco-friendliness. The fabric is durable, soft, moisture-wicking, and and boasts antibacterial qualities. Silverman recommends this type of fabric (and this specific product) to those who often wake up […]

The Fitnessista podcast

Hi friends! I’ve got a new podcast episode up for you and it’s a BEEFY one 🙂 Today we’re chatting parasites with Allyssa LaScala. I feel like this is a huge topic, and I’ve learned that sometimes it can be a little controversial or something people here in the US don’t really discuss. So I […]

How to increase running cadence (and avoid injury)

You want to increase your running speed and cut down your time but aren’t sure where to start. Many of us have experimented with changes in steps per minute. But the simple matter of how many steps you take in a minute has a complicated relationship with training and performance.  Running cadence is the measurable […]

The Stoltman Brothers Tips To Train Strongman Style

When my editor explained that there was an assignment with my name on it—just down the road, nonetheless—which would require me to ditch the keyboard and work out with two of the world’s strongest men, the Stoltman brothers: Luke and Tom Stoltman, I leapt at the chance perhaps fortunately without any consideration at all. I […]

9 Proprioception Exercises to Improve Balance and Agility

When you perform a squat, a dumbbell press or a single-arm curl, you may think you’re training your muscles — but that’s only half the story. You’re also training your proprioceptors. Say what? Proprioception is trainer-speak for the body’s awareness of where it is within its environment, and it’s more complex — and crucial — than you might think. “It’s […]

What Does a “Holistic” or “Integrative” Approach to Health and Wellness Really Look Like?

With an increasing focus on self-care and preventative health, many people are looking beyond traditional medicine to explore more holistic and integrative approaches to wellness. But what exactly does this mean, and how can it benefit your health and well-being? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what a holistic or integrative approach […]

The Daily Turmeric Supplement Ayurveda & Longevity Experts Love

With most turmeric supplements on the market, you’ll see three common forms of turmeric represented: Turmeric root extract with 95% curcuminoids, turmeric oil extract (aka volatile oil form), and liposomal turmeric extract. While these forms are still totally viable and will deliver turmeric benefits, for our turmeric-led formula we simply had to create a high-potency […]